Area 29 Councilmembers
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Frank Zielinski - Area Coordinator and Head Golf Coach

Frank Zielinski has been involved with Special Olympics for 22 years with his son Timothy. 32 years old with Down Syndrome, Tim began playing golf in the Virginia Beach Special Olympics program more than 15 years ago. He also participated in the power lifting program.

Residing in Suffolk now for over 10 years, a small business owner, Frank has been active in Special Olympics Area 29 initially as a golf partner and more recently as the head golf coach. This past summer Frank took over as Area 29 Coordinator and is actively recruiting local businesses to help Area 29 to grow.

Frank’s active recruitment of new athletes and volunteers is essential if Area 29 is to succeed and move forward.

Frank Zielinski 757-567-4123


Pat Smith - Area Chair/Medical Coordinator/Event Coordinator/Bowling Coach/Volleyball Coach

Patricia Smith resides in Franklin, Virginia. She has a son, Ethan, who is 19 years old and autistic. Pat and Ethan have been involved in Special Olympics for 8 years. Pat started volunteering/coaching when Ethan started participating. She also serves as the area chair and head of delegation for Suffolk Area 29. This position requires her to register all athletes for competitions and tournaments and the State and Fall games. HOD duties include, but are not limited to, filling out housing (hotel) forms for athletes, coaches, chaperons attending. She also manages our athlete’s medical certificates making sure they are kept up to date. Pat coaches bowling, aquatics skills and helps with volleyball.

Special Olympics has many guidelines and requirements in place to protect athletes and volunteers as they work together and compete. Pat spends many hours keeping Suffolk Area 29 organized and in compliance with all guidelines.

Pat Smith 757-630-8919

Diana Holt

Diann Holt -Treasurer/Tennis Coach

Over the last ten years, Diann Holt has been involved in Special Olympics.  It all started when Special Olympics came to the City of Suffolk, and her son, Spencer, had a chance to participate.  Initially she served as a volunteer for the swim program to encourage her son in swimming.  Then, later as Spencer migrated to tennis, Diann ended up being the tennis coach for a time.
Diann works as a mid-level administrator for Tidewater Community at its district office in downtown Norfolk.  Residing in Suffolk for many years, Diann has served as area treasurer for the past five years and is now a back-up coach for tennis.
Working with Special Olympians has been challenging, rewarding, and somewhat addictive. 

Diann Holt- 757-620-9644


Saul Godinez- Volunteer Coordinator

I wanted to help/assist an organization that provides an opportunity for my son (and others) that otherwise might not be available. After two and a half decades of service in the military I felt it was time to give back to the local community. As a child I recall the brief time my sister spent in/with Texas Special Olympics and reinforces why I coach/volunteer.

Retired Marine Officer
Graduate of the Virginia Board for Persons with Disabilities (VBPD) Partners in Policymaking (PIP) advocacy course
Member of Suffolk Public Schools (SPS)

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
Bennetts Creek Little League Challenger Division Coach
Council member , Area 29 Suffolk Special Olympics / volunteer for swim and golf,

Saul Goldinez - 757-609-1744


Amber Rose- Bocce Coach

Tommy and I married in 2010 and have been together now 7 years. We have 6 adopted children: 2 dogs and four cats (all rescues, we are suckers:) I am a Federal (GS) employee for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon but am stationed out of the Suffolk, VA satellite campus . I am originally from Erie, PA. Tommy is a Firefighter for the city of Portsmouth. He is from Chesapeake. We both enjoy traveling, four-wheeling, hanging out in our backyard, and also spending time with our family, friends, and our furry babies.

Amber Rose - 757-203-7100


Tommy Haman- Powerlifting Coach

Along with his companion of 7 years, Tommy and Amber are coaches/volunteers of Area 29 Special Olympics. They married in 2010.Tommy is a Firefighter for the city of Portsmouth. He is from Chesapeake. Tommy loves assisting the children of the Special Olympics and has taken a passion for it. Now the acting powerlifting coach alongside with Rob Kelly, they are striving to make a difference in the community.

Tommy Harman - 757-203-7100


K.E. & Kathleen Morgan- Swimming Coaches

In the past 10 years this coaching duo has become millionaires by volunteering for Special Olympics. "We are paid with huge smiles and endless hugs by our Athletes as they arrive for swim practice. After practice, we are paid by parents with "Thank You's" and "See you next week, Coach". We receive double pay when we see and feel the pride of accomplishment when an athlete learns to swim well enough to move from swimming skills, to swimming with the team. When our athletes try their hardest and do their best at swim meets, this is our bonus pay. But our biggest pay day is receiving high fives and sopping wet hugs at the Summer Games as each Athlete exits the pool from their final swim of the year. The Morgan's have become very wealthy by volunteering for Special Olympics, its the highest paying job they have ever loved.

K.E. & Kathleen Morgan - 757-472-1331